I am very selective to whom I choose to spend my time with and prefer to limit my time to a small circle of high-quality gentlemen to share quality time with. Rather quality dates than quantity, therefore I prefer my dates to start from minimum 2 hours, for un-rushed conversations and truly relaxations. I offer discreet and luxury girlfriend experience companionship for influential Gentlemen that enjoy the finer things in life and know how to make a woman happy…I like to laugh, enjoy life, have fun and want our time together to be a special adventure, memorable, stimulating, romantic and fun…


Please keep my consideration and an envelope and do give it to me within 10 minutes of our meeting or else I will simply leave the room. I will deeply appreciate if you avoid asking "how much" as that will make me end our date. 

*Please remember that our time together will be unrushed, I am not one to be looking at the clock but at the same time, I need appreciation for my time and devotion are given to you. 


 60 Minutes ....AED 3,000        QAR 3,000            BDH 300

 90 Minutes......AED 4,000       QAR 4,000            BDH 400  

2 Hours .............. AED 5,000      QAR 5,000            BHD 500      

3 Hours ..........    AED 6,000      QAR 6,000            BHD 600      

4 Hours ..........    AED 7,000      QAR 7,000             BHD 700     

5 Hours ..........    AED 8,000      QAR 8,000            BHD 800     

6 Hours ..........    AED 9,000      QAR 9,000           BHD 900      

7 Hours ..........    AED 10,000     QAR 10,000        BHD 1,000   

8 Hours ..........    AED 11,000     QAR 11,000        BHD 1,1000 

9 Hours ..........    AED 12,000    QAR 12,000        BHD 1,200   

Up to 12 Hrs      AED 15,000    QAR 15,000        BHD 1,500   

A true gentleman will always respect a lady’s wishes and abide well within her comfort zone. In the event that I am pressured to violate that zone or engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, I will have no choice but to abruptly end our encounter and terminate our relationship.

Please do not ask me to send you photos of my face. I see this as a direct violation, to  my safety and privacy. My beautiful face is only hidden from my privacy and social life out of this line of work. I am sure you understand. 


My ” Girlfriend Experience” packages are simple and direct. Please do NOT ask for a list of X-Y-Z service provided, I find such questions distasteful and will not respond to such emails. I offer discreet and luxury girlfriend experience companionship for a select few Gentlemen.

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